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Important Notes:

  1. The products shown in the table are paid advertisements.
  2. Performance, cost and other information displayed in the table is correct as at the date shown.
  3. The performance and fee information shown in the table is for the investment option used by CANSTAR in its research and rating of the superannuation product. Refer to the Canstar Superannuation Rating Methodology for details.
  4. Performance information shown is for the historical periods up to 30/06/2017 and investment options noted in the table information.
  5. Performance figures shown reflect net investment performance, i.e. net of investment tax, investment management fees and the maximum applicable ongoing management fees and membership fees. Performance information is provided by Rainmaker Information Pty Ltd ABN 86 095 610 996 AFSL 461816 ( which provides general information on superannuation.
  6. Performance data may not be available for some products. This is indicated in the tables by a note referring the user to the product provider, or by no performance information being shown.
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  9. Not all superannuation funds in the market are listed, and the list above may not include all features relevant to you.