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Raiz is about investing small amounts of money regularly and learning that you can do this without affecting your lifestyle.

  • It can monitor the spending on the debit cards or credit cards you link
  • It is a digital equivalent to a coin jar
  • Rounds up the purchase amount to nearest dollar and invests balance

Raiz allows new investors, who previously wouldn’t have been able to start investing because they do not have large amounts saved, to begin investing.

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Acorn Capital


QuietGROWTH is an automated online investment management platform that aims to offer better quality portfolios and better user experience at a lower cost compared to the competition.

  • Manages, with a long-term perspective, a risk-optimised and diversified portfolio of up to 8 ETFs
  • Portfolio customised to the risk tolerance of investors
  • Low initial investment amounts for easy entry

Even if a self-directed investor has the skills to cater to his/her own investment management needs, opting for QuietGrowth can save time that can better used elsewhere.

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Acorn Capital


Stockspot provides automated investing and offers ETF solutions for self-directed investors.

  • Offers 14 different themes and 1,000 different portfolio combinations combined with roboadvice algorithms
  • Most popular themes so far have been US shares and Australian dividend shares
  • Fee transparency: management fee covers our entire investment service

Stockspot was the first service in Australia to offer personal investment advice online.

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Acorn Capital

Six Park

Six Park is an automated investment platform that offers clients globally diversified portfolio solutions and is backed up by a world-class investment advisory committee.

  • No trading fees, no rebalancing fees, no transactions fees
  • Offers 5 optimised ETF portfolios, which include up to 7 asset classes and investments in thousands of companies across the globe
  • Melbourne-based with free phone and online support

Six Park gives investors high-quality advice and investments starting at from as little as a cup of coffee a month.

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