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Canstar is all about helping people confidently find the right product for them. While it’s a simple goal, achieving it involves dynamic collaboration between diverse teams of people, each one integral to the overall result.


About teamwork…

Each Canstar team brings something different and equally valuable to the process of helping people make better financial decisions. Whether the team focus is data analysis, financial research, IT solutions, business development, communication or digital design, all areas work together in a positive and collaborative environment with equal responsibility for achieving the end goal.


About values…

Effective teamwork requires a strong foundation in shared values between each individual. Irrespective of skill sets, the underlying culture at Canstar is one of integrity, strong and positive communication and above all else, respect.

  • We advocate consumer empowerment through research, comparison and education
  • We believe collaboration and knowledge sharing across all departments produces the best outcome
  • We stress the importance of integrity and professionalism in all that we do
  • We foster a positive work environment that balances professional and personal development
  • We encourage and support colleagues to contribute positively to their wider community


About Diversity…

Diversity brings richness to an organisation and recognising and harnessing the benefits of that diversity is crucial to business success. Diversity is about more than gender or cultural background though; there are many areas of diversity that enrich Canstar’s culture. For example:

  • Our employees collectively list around 44 different hobbies that they like to do in their spare time – everything from rugby to watching anime.
  • Across our Executive Team, 50% are male and 50% are female
  • Across the organisation overall, 55% are male and 45% are female
  • Approximately 70% of our employee network prefer to work in a quiet environment, while 30% enjoy noise and activity
  • Besides water, Canstar’s coffee drinkers narrowly outnumber our tea drinkers. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given the constant buzzing the coffee machine makes from the kitchen


On last count Canstar’s geographic make up spreads over 16 countries from the Maldives, to Netherlands, to Kenya to many more.

About leadership…

Good results require good leadership and Canstar’s Executive Team lead by example, encouraging and mentoring staff at every point in their professional journey. With more than 100 employees, Canstar enjoys a relatively flat management structure, which enables staff to take ownership of a project from concept stage through to completion. It also means that everyone’s voice is heard and valued.



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