Youth overtaken for pole position

3 January 2013

percentage of car accidents by age

Young drivers under 24 are commonly thought to be the most risky to insure, as statistics dictate that they are more likely than any other motorist to have some sort of a crash resulting in a claim.

However, Canstars survey showed a different picture. It was the drivers in their early fifties that recorded the most number of claims, closely followed by drivers in their early thirties.

It?s not an unreasonable theory to propose the two could be linked – that is, the high number of older drivers claiming after an accident, compared to the lower number of under 24s. It may well mean that Mum or Dad’s policy is being used in the claims processs and this may be skewing the true result slightly in this age group.

what age has the most car accidents

Source: Canstar, March 2012

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