Where do the most accident-prone drivers live?

Which state has the worst drivers?

More than one quarter of drivers – 27.8% of survey respondents – had made a claim on their car insurance policy in the last three years. That’s a lot of people road testing the service provided by their insurers! So where do the most accident-prone drivers live?

Well, of those drivers who made car insurance claims, the highest number were from New South Wales, followed quite closely by Victoria.

State % proportion of claims
New South Wales/ACT 32.89%
Victoria 30.06%
Queensland 18.83%
South Australia 9.02%
Western Australia 8.31%
Tasmania 0.71%
Northern Territories 0.18%

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But – in terms of claims per thousand registered vehicles on a state-by-state basis, it seems that South Australians are the most accident-prone, making 8 claims per 1,000 registered vehicles. And the safest place to live? The ACT, with only 0.37 claims per 1,000 registered vehicles. Is it due to less driving? Their more conservative natures? Or perhaps the wheel and spoke pattern of their streets?

Claims Per 1,000 Vehicle Registrations

Source: ABS Motor Vehicle Census

South Australians should take heart though because as the chart above shows, the driving record of those in Victoria and NSW is not that much better!

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