Five strange car insurance claims

We all want car insurance that will cover us in the event of an unexpected accident. Some accidents are rather more unexpected than others though. Canstar five-star winner, Budget Direct, offer the following real-life claims that it has received as examples of some of the stranger situations drivers can find themselves in…

Kangaroo Chaos

Why did the kangaroo cross the road? We will never know, but as luck would have it, two kangaroos –  on opposite sides of the road – both decided to make a dash for it just as the driver was heading past. Both kangaroos ‘bounced’ simultaneously into the car. Bullseye!

They wheelie did that?

A customer, in his late 70’s, was a senior on the move. While still wearing rollerblades he jumped into his car to reverse it out of the driveway. Not surprisingly this wasn’t the best move, and he reversed straight into his letter box! Moral of the story, probably best to keep the wheels off your feet when you’re behind the wheel of your car.

Doggone it!

When an animal-loving customer left the doors of their car open, their curious pooch decided to hop in and make itself at home. Sadly this meant chewing all of the interior upholstery, including seats and seat belts. When the owner returned to their car, all they could see was the yellow foam from the chewed seats.

Finger lickin’ good.

Hard-working farm owners took a day off to relax at the beach. When they returned home though, they brought more than a suntan with them. It turns out that their car was nicely seasoned in sea salt spray from the surf. One of their cows took a liking to the salty taste of the car and licked the panels to a point where the cow’s saliva ate through the paint work.

Another tale of woe from a farm.

Another farm-based customer was carrying some hay on the back of his ute. The ute was covered by a canopy. One of his cows (they’re trouble makers aren’t they?) decided that it couldn’t wait till dinner time and just HAD to get to that hay, NOW! But when you don’t have hands, what’s a cow to do? The hungry beast head-butted the canopy of the ute, smashing it to pieces so it could get to the bale of hay.


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