Car insurance: What's popular?

Based on over 26,000 searches on our car insurance comparison tables from January to May 2016, this is what Australian drivers are clicking on.

For many years Australians have maintained a love affair with cars. It seems this love is stronger than ever, with a record number of 1,155,408 vehicles sold in 2015. As is natural for any true love, we can be very protective of our cars – hence why so many of us take out comprehensive car insurance.

Like cars, car insurance policies can come with different features, which is why we compare them to find the best value. When shopping around we not only want a policy that will provide us with the most coverage for the lowest premium, but also a policy with desirable features.

When using Canstar to compare car insurance, users can filter their options in the table by selecting the features they desire.

So what features do people seek out most when comparing car insurance?

Based on over 26,000 visits to our car insurance comparison tables in 2016 so far, we’ve collated the search history data to rank some of the most popular car insurance features.

Car insurance features – ranked by popularity %*

*Percentage of total clicks on features filter of car insurance comparison table between 1 January and 1 May, 2016.

1. Agreed or market value – 26.71%

Most of all, customers want the ability to insure their car for either agreed or market value.

2. Pay monthly at no extra cost – 22.01%

The second most wanted feature according to our users is the offer to pay premiums on a monthly basis at no extra cost.

3. Roadside Assistance – 16.63%

The inclusion of roadside assistance within a car insurance policy is currently the third most popular feature.

4. Cover for unnamed drivers – 12.76%

Cover for unnamed drivers is a feature which maintains the policy’s validity if the driver in the event of an accident is not a nominated driver. Just under 13 per cent of the features filter’s clicks were for this feature.

5. Reduction for driver’s age – 10.33%

Over ten per cent of drivers filtering for features clicked on the ability to reduce premiums by including an age restriction for a second driver.

6. 24 Hour help line – 6.07%

The least popular feature (out of the filter options on our table) was the availability of a 24 hour help line service. Only around 6.4 per cent of the feature filter’s clicks were for this feature.

What people want to learn about

In a similar way, by looking at the most viewed articles, we can discover what people are keenest to find more information about when it comes to car insurance.

In the year so far (between the 1st of January and 19th of April), these were the most popular car insurance articles on our website:
  1. Market Value or Agreed Value – what’s the difference? This is one of our oldest car insurance articles, but it’s also the most popular. The fact it is still getting thousands of reads in 2016 tells us that many people aren’t sure how to choose between insuring their car for market or agreed value.
  2. Car Insurance Guide – get the best quote for you! Another oldie but a goodie, this guide to car insurance driver profiles continues to receive a lot of love from Canstar visitors. People want to know how their profile (e.g. age and gender) impacts their premium, and this article outlines the different profiles Canstar uses when awarding star ratings.
  3. Youth overtaken for pole position: This short article details how in March 2012 a Canstar survey revealed that drivers in their early fifties actually recorded the most number of claims on their car insurance. It’s a surprising fact that flies in the face of the stigma that younger drivers are riskier to insure. The popularity of this article suggests its revelation is playing a part in the cross-generational debate over who’s a better driver.
  4. Hiring a car these holidays? Avoid the rip-off: Inspired by her personal experience when hiring a car on a recent trip, Canstar’s editor-in-chief Justine Davies wrote this article to provide a thrifty tip to readers. Judging by the number of page views over a short space of time, people are appreciating it.
  5. CTP Insurance (Green Slip): CTP/Green Slip insurance is something everyone with a car should know about. After all, it is compulsory. This article summaries what it is and how it differs between states.

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