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12 May 2014

are you satisfied with your car insurance claims service?

Canstar recently surveyed  4,306 car insurance policy holders motor to determine their vehicle insurance claims experience. Rather frighteningly, 35% of rivers have made an insurance claim in last three years!

The good news for car insurers is that, by and large, those claiming on their policies are happy with the service they receive. After all, it’s only when you have a prang that you discover the real value of your insurance company.

Repeating their success of the past two years, QBE Australia has once again won the award for Outstanding Claims Service across Australia. Canstar caught up with George Katsogiannis, Executive General Manager, Claims, QBE Australia, to find out what makes the QBE experience good.

Q: To win the Canstar outstanding claims service 3 years in a row is a terrific hat trick. Can you share the QBE claims philosophy?

Our claims philosophy is driven by our customer charter which, at its core, is all about providing quality service. At QBE an important part of our role is to assist those who have experienced an insurable loss so, when we receive a claim covered by a QBE policy, we always look for ways to resolve it, and aim to do so as swiftly as possible. Key to our philosophy is paying claims quickly and keeping customers informed throughout the process. Ensuring our process is transparent and that we respect our customers’ privacy is always front of mind. We also consistently seek and incorporate customer feedback to ensure we are providing them the best possible service.

Q: The quality of QBE repairs was very highly regarded in our survey. What measures does QBE take to ensure good-quality repairs?

Our highly experienced Assessment and Repair team play a key role in the quality of repairs we are able to provide our customers. Due to the knowledge and experience of our team we are able to achieve exce

Our team are skilled in handling claims for both minor and major repairs, and actively monitor all repairs, reinspecting any that are especially large or unusual. Their oversight helps guarantee repairs are completed to manufacturers’ technical specifications and that any vehicle repaired outside our accredited network is repaired correctly and with the necessary equipment. We also authorise genuine parts on the majority of our claims, and excellent turnaround times on assessing. This becomes particularly valuable in the event of a catastrophe or severe weather event and, in the wake of previous storm events, we have been able to service insured vehicles within 24 to 48 hours of being notified of the claim.

Another important aspect of our service is ensuring our team has access to technology that can help them do their job more efficiently. For example our assessors are equipped with iPads so they not only have any relevant claims information readily available but can also easily make contact with a customer to update them on their repair or respond promptly to any enquiries.

The quality of our service is also supported by our large network of accredited repairers, the majority of which are factory accredited or approved by the major vehicle manufacturers. We aim to partner with those repairers who offer the latest technology that can help ensure our customers receive the best possible result.

To access Canstar’s most recent car insurance star ratings report, incorporating vehicle insurance claims experience, click here.

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