How to sell your car online: Importance of pictures

If you will be, or are currently trying to sell your car online, good pictures make all the difference. It’s one of your most important selling tools.

Australia saw 97,892 vehicles being sold and bought in August 2016 alone, according to the ABS. So – what is the best way to sell a car? How do you make your “For Sale” car advertisement stand out from the pack?

While the condition, mileage, and engine specifications are important, first impressions can make a big difference. That’s where good photographs come in handy.

If a picture tells a thousand words, as the saying goes, then it stands to reason that a great car picture will tell a better story.

how important are great pictures when selling your car online

Canstar caught up with Malcolm Flynn, Motoring Writer for, to get some tips for selling your car online.

Q: When it comes to selling your car online, how important are great pictures?

A: These days, pictures are vitally important when selling your car online. Everyone else’s ad will be accompanied by images, so who will click on your ad if yours has none?

It’s not hard to take good pictures, either. Any smartphone will have a suitable camera built into it, and the pics can be uploaded directly from the phone to our website, or emailed to your home computer.


Q: What are some of the “must have” pictures to include?

A: Make sure you include front and rear three-quarter views at the very least, showing both sides of the car.

Interior shots are also a good idea, including the dashboard, front and rear seats, and inside the boot.

Must have pictures to include when selling your car online

You really want to show off your car from all angles, so the more the merrier. When uploading the images, try to place them in a logical order with the front three-quarter view at the start. Nobody will click on your ad if you use a boot shot as the first image.

Q: Should you include pictures of any defects, as well as the good points?

A: It is much better to highlight any defects rather than exclude them. You don’t want any interested parties discovering any unpleasant surprises after they’ve travelled to make a personal inspection.

Conversely, you also want to make sure buyers can see any of your car’s highlights.

Q: In your experience, what type of background works well?

A: An even background is best, like tall bushes or against a wall.

Try to choose a background that contrasts with the colour of your car: Dark background for a light car, and vice versa.

Try to shoot in even light, facing away from the sun. Early morning or late afternoon work best, and try to avoid shadows.

Whatever you do, don’t include significant others or your pets in the shots. Many vendors have before, and it detracts from the ad’s presentation. Some people don’t want a car that smells like your pet Pug.

Do some research first. Take a look at some of the shots used in car reviews for some expert ideas and other tips for selling a car online.


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