How to furnish your home at the op shop

Whether you?re moving out on your own for the first time or furnishing your latest investment property, you don?t have to spend a fortune at Freedom Furniture or even IKEA to fill your new home. Vintage is in, and that means quality goods at bargain bin prices!

Things you can get at the op shop

At your local op shop or op shop superstore, you can find all the essentials you?ll need to furnish your new home:

  • Furniture of all shapes and sizes:
    • Couch/sofa
    • Armchair
    • Kitchen/dining room table
    • Chairs (for as many people as you want to hang out with you)
    • Coffee table
    • Bedside table
    • Bookshelves
    • Closet
    • Chest of drawers
    • Bedframe
    • Decorations to make the place comfy:
      • Rugs
      • Pillows for the couch
      • Sheets for your bed (they get cleaned before they can be sold)
      • Bath mat (unless you like living in a swamp)
      • Certain appliances in working order (all electrical appliances get checked before they can be sold):
        • Lamps
        • Vacuum cleaner
        • Fridge
        • Stuff for the kitchen:
          • Crockery and cutlery
          • Pots and pans (you can live for a long time with just one frypan to cook meat and veges and one saucepan to boil water)
          • Oven mitts
          • Utensils including spatulas
          • Measuring cups and spoons
          • Tea towels (dish towels)


Of course, there are a few things you will need to furnish your new home with that you can?t buy second-hand. Food, cleaning supplies, and most importantly, toilet paper. You?ll probably also want to buy your mattress new if you can; apparently bed bugs are on the rise in Australia!

Get inspired by fellow upcyclers

Vintage home spread

If you need some inspiration for how to refurnish or refashion old or tired furniture items, check out these Aussie refashion furniture and decoration style bloggers:

Remember to think outside the box when you think about upcycling! An old desk doesn?t need to be used as a desk – it could be your new kitchen table. (That?s what I had, the first year I lived out of home.)

The 2015 National Op Shop Week campaign slogan is “Op till you drop!” To find a charity op shop near you, check the list of more than 2,000 shops on

Spread the word about National Op Shop Week on social media by visiting or and tag them when you post your own refashion and upcycling projects.

National Op Shop Week is a joint initiative between not-for-profit organisation Do Something! and NACRO, and aims to raise funds for charities by increasing clothing donations and boosting sales.

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