We have rated 462 savings and transaction accounts across 81 institutions

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We investigate:

  • Interest rate
  • Fees
  • Free transactions
  • Accessibility
  • Rebates
  • Features

2016 Savings and Transaction Account Star Ratings

We reveal which accounts offer outstanding value across:

  • Personal Transaction Accounts
  • Savings and Investment Accounts
  • Online Savings Accounts
  • Cash Management Accounts
  • Notice Saver Accounts
  • Children’s Accounts
  • Student Accounts
  • Pensioner Deeming Accounts
  • Retirement Savings Accounts
  • Pensioner Transaction Accounts
  • Self-Managed Super Fund Accounts

Just what is a deeming account, really? And what does it mean for retirees?

We reveal the 11 institutions on our database that offer a deeming account for eligible retirees.

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If you’d invested a year ago…

What have your savings done over the past year? We examine the state of the economy, cuts to the cash rate, and major world events affecting the growth of your savings.


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Will you get a better rate under the new capital adequacy requirements?

At-call savings rates are down, but term deposit rates are up.

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Green and Gold vs. All Blacks

Aussie interest rates for savers are higher than the Kiwi rate.

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Attention SMSF Trustees:

CANSTAR reveals the 12 accounts that receive a 5-star rating for outstanding value for SMSF saving accounts.

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