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Canstar are always looking for talented people from all academic backgrounds to work in our various teams. We offer a range of positions from experienced professionals to graduates and entry level positions. When looking for potential employees we look for people who have a drive to succeed and a passion for excellence.


Your Opportunity


A financial services background is always useful, how not necessarily essential, depending on the position.  We are more interested in your potential and ability to work in a fast paced environment with energy, vision and innovation.


Know about Canstar before you come for the interview. We are always looking for people who have taken the time to look into our Company and have a real interest in joining our team to make an impact.


Our interview process gives you the opportunity to meet various people across the business and also allows us to access your suitability for a professional and cultural fit.   There are four steps in our recruitment and selection process

  1. Your first interview with us will be a face to face with your direct manager and another team member.  From first round interviews a short list is selected.
  2. The candidates who have made the short list are asked to come back for a second round interview, case study analysis and psychometric testing.  The psychometric testing consists of 3 aptitude tests and a Work Personality Index.  The 3 aptitude tests include verbal, numeric and abstract reasoning.  The case studies are position specific and the second round interview is a further assessment of your culture fit for Canstar.
  3. After the final round of testing and interviews a potential candidate is identified and reference checks are then completed.
  4. When all reference checks are completed satisfactorily an offer is made and we have a new Canstar member.

How to apply

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume and letter of interest to

HR Specialist – Brisbane [PDF]

Digital Coordinator – Brisbane [PDF]

Junior Digital Producer – Brisbane [PDF]

PR Manager – Sydney [PDF]

Graduate Research Analyst- Brisbane [PDF]


Working in conjunction with the Universities, Canstar offers internship programs in finance, human resources, communications, digital and any other applicable fields.  We are looking for students with an outstanding record of academic achievement and an interest in the financial markets.  We can offer the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where you can gain a broad range of knowledge across the company.  We offer our interns real work experience to help launch their careers.

If you are interested in an internship with Canstar please contact either your university co-ordinator or you can contact Canstar directly.


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