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May 272013
 Posted by on 10/12/2014
We obtained over 28,800 individual quotes across six states and several postcodes in capital cities, as well as regional country centres.
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July 2013
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In this report We have shadow-shopped 19,494 quotes in order to research and rate 54 car insurance policies from 47 providers. Additionally, we have conducted a consumer survey so as to rate providers’ claims service.If it sometimes feels like car insurance premiums are on an everelevating hike, the truth may be a little surprising.

Over the last 10 years, insurance premiums have stayed largely stable in relation to the consumer price index (CPI), as this table shows.

Of course, the price of the premium is far from the only thing to be taken into account when choosing the right policy for you, but it’s perhaps good to know that, on average, those costs haven’t been sky-rocketing like you thought they were. Find out more in the report.

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