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May 272013
 Posted by on 30/05/2014
We obtained over 28,800 individual quotes across six states and several postcodes in capital cities, as well as regional country centres.
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April 2014
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In this report we shadow shop 28,880 quotes, to research & rate 61 car insurance policies from 42 institutions to determine the car insurers offering outstanding value. We also look at how the claims service stacks up, with a major award in this area reflecting the results of our driver surveyEach year, CANSTAR undertakes a comprehensive review of car insurance options in Australia. This year we have shadow-shopped 28,880 quotations of 61 insurance policies across 42 car insurers. We researched all states (please note that ACT and NSW results are reported together), including both metropolitan and regional postcodes. Importantly, we recognize that the age and life stage of drivers will influence the combination of product features and coverage that will best suit their needs; as such we compared each policy’s price and features across seven common driver profiles:

  • 25 -29 Female
  • 25 -29 Male
  • 30 – 59
  • Family
  • Mature >60

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